Funding bid film

Funding bid film for a group of academic bodies who combine to make an Evidence Hub for cancer research.

This is a good example of a film where our editorial expertise was crucial. The film was to be the 'executive summary' for a huge and complex bid document and so had to pack in a lot of information in a short period of time. The duration of the film was particularly critical as it was to be shown as part of a viva presentation to the funding body and time-keeping was strict.

Producer Penny Beeston worked closely with the team over countless drafts to refine the script. We then shot the pieces to camera using our iPad-based teleprompter system. The fact that this runs off a free app means that contributors could practice their bits at home in advance of filming.

Contributions from Hub members around the world were recorded via Skype. The quality of Skype video is less than that of regular filming but was considered sufficient for the value of their content. And it's free.

Finally, we commissioned specialist video graphics to combine all the elements together in a stylish whole.