Beeston Media was founded in 2005 by Hamish and Penny Beeston, two senior broadcast professionals who have both honed their skills in videography, directing and film production over 25 years in factual television.

Hamish Beeston

Founder and Creative Director, Beeston Media.

Hamish Beeston learnt his trade at primetime BBC One, BBC Two, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Between 1993 and 2005, he produced / directed over 30 long-form documentaries, and worked on many other shows.

He was encouraged to pick up a camera while working as a director at the BBC, and today he acts as Beeston Media’s main director, camera man and photographer. He also works as an occasional editor.

On multiple occasions, Hamish has been named Videographer and Photographer of the Month by the international website Photography for Real Estate. He also won Videographer of the Year in 2014 and currently sits on the website’s judging panel.

Both Hamish and Penny are devoted to offering an exceptional service to their clients. They remain involved in every project from start to finish.

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Penny Beeston

Managing Director, Beeston Media.

Penny launched her career with the BBC’s Natural History unit, entering the corporation straight out of Oxford University. She gained invaluable production experience working with popular zoologist Desmond Morris, and spent lengthy periods filming wildlife documentaries in Africa, Indonesia and America.

She also developed a specialisation creating programmes from library material, learning to weave spellbinding storylines through pre-existing footage. Her broadcasting skills and experience were further deepened during her years as a series producer with Granada Television and ITV Factual.

Since joining Beeston Media, Penny has taken the lead in steering the overall direction of the company. She also acts as the main liaison between Beeston Media and the University of Bristol, for whom the team has made over 500 films since 2011.

Penny enjoys working with clients in a strategic advisory capacity, developing video policy and guidelines, and running wider production teams.

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Why choose Beeston Media?

Making attractive, incisive films is what we do best at Beeston, but would you expect less from an award-winning video production company? What sets us apart - and what makes our clients return to us time and again - is the added value we bring to every video we produce. Here are a few key areas in which we feel we really stand out from our competitors.

- Vast film production experience

- Editorial sophistication

- Video strategy expertise

- World-class specialist sectors

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Decades of production experience

Before launching Beeston Media, we both enjoyed successful careers in TV - mainly at the BBC and ITV. We were involved in a sweeping spread of productions, from news broadcasts, expensive wildlife shows and polished documentaries to cheap-and-cheerful daily TV, mini-dramas and makeover shows.

In the corporate world, we’ve produced an equally eclectic line-up of videos, from simple vox pops shot in a single day to technical promos for aviation companies. All this experience has taught us to assess a project’s needs with accuracy and speed, and to take every production in the best possible direction.

We’re happy to discuss quick turn-around times and (needless to say) we always work within the available budget.

Sharp editorial insight

Our background in broadcast television hasn’t simply influenced our work in video production - it has shaped it entirely. We approach each project the way a journalist would, probing for captivating angles and stories with emotional appeal.

We believe this editorial prowess makes us the obvious choice for clients - both those with little more than a notion of what they need and those with a clear vision that can be enhanced by collaboration with video experts.

Working to the loosest brief, we typically lead the pre-production process by identifying a film’s key aims and contributors, and refining the target audience. Knotty facts are simplified and raw ideas are fleshed out into polished scripts.

This is demanding editorial work, particularly where thorny academic subjects are concerned - the smartest professors may excel at writing a world-leading academic paper, but value our help distilling their work into a 400-word filming script.

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Video strategy expertise

Thinking of trying out video but don't know where to begin? We can set you up to create a polished film within budget, working with you to refine your production strategy and to clarify your editorial direction. Or are you looking for video guidelines that can be rolled out to your entire organisation? If so, we can work with you to flesh out your ideas. The resulting policy will ensure all your organisation’s videos hit their intended audience and stay within budget.

No film is too small or too elaborate for us to get involved. Whether you’re looking for an Instagram montage or a series of professional video assets, we’re happy to step in. And we can help regardless of where you find yourself in the production process - we’re as good at planning as we are at implementing.

If your project is particularly elaborate or unusual, we’ll put together a bespoke team of production specialists to bring your vision to life. Teams may include location scouters, editors, motion graphic designers and aerial filming teams. Together these trusted professionals will turn your ideas into a stunning reality.

Some clients prefer to keep their productions small and in-house, and we think this is great too as self-reliance is a wonderful thing (and let’s face it, we all carry a powerful camera in our pockets). To this end, we offer technical and production training for smartphone owners. And to keep your project manageable (because we know how time-consuming these things can get), we’re happy to edit the final piece for you.

Key areas of specialisation

There are several sectors where we’ve developed extra film-making expertise over the years as our reputation has spread through an industry by word of mouth.

Browse our portfolio for examples of our work in PROPERTY, EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY and HEALTHCARE.

Though much of our filming is done on high-end cinema cameras, we've also been quick to embrace the latest cinematic trickery and we’re proud of the films we’ve been making on SMARTPHONES.

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What can we do for you?

At Beeston Media, we relish a challenge and would love to hear about your project, no matter how obscure the topic or complex the facts. We make long films, short films, documentaries and animations. We film conferences, lectures, helicopter flights and property developments. We give shape to medical breakthroughs, scientific developments and great feats of engineering. We create films that shimmer with aristocratic elegance, films that crackle with youthful authenticity and films that demystify labyrinthine aspects of the law.

We shoot still images too. Typically photos are taken alongside a video shoot, allowing clients to save on costs, and to give their videos and pictures a similar feel. Check out our stills page for examples of our work.

We also assist clients with their own DIY film-making, training them to make the best use of the powerful cameras in their pockets. Please do get in touch.