Smartphone video production

Calling all aspiring video makers: if you own a smartphone, you already have everything you need to make an outstanding film.

Disappointed by the results you’ve had so far? Don’t lose heart - all you require are some tips from the pros and a dash of insight into your phone’s lesser-known camera features.

That’s where we at Beeston Media step in.

We specialise in creating smartphone films and in teaching our clients how to make better use of the powerful cameras in their pockets. With a little expert help, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve. Pithy vlogs, snappy documentaries and short films with punchy narratives will all be yours for the taking.

Why not kick things off with our popular Smartphone Video Training Course?

But are smartphones cameras the real deal?

Absolutely. At Beeston Media, we’re no camera snobs. We love expensive, highly specialised film kit - and we use plenty of it. We also have colleagues and friends working on landmark shows like Blue Planet II or Top Gear, so we’re always in the loop when it comes to the latest shooting gear.

But that doesn’t stop us also being big fans of iPhone videos and Android films. In fact, we believe there can be no better camera than a smartphone to capture videos that celebrate everyday reality.

Smartphone video training course

At the heart of our smartphone offer is our new smartphone video training course for those who want to improve their filming techniques and be able to create content independently. The day course - typically run by Hamish, Penny and Dion - can be personalised to fit your needs in creating video content across all platforms through the power of your smartphone.

Things you can expect to cover on the course:

o Choosing a story and planning the shoot

o Filming equipment – (setting up your phone, what else you need - microphones, tripods, gimbal etc)

o On shoot dos / don'ts

o Techniques to give your videos a professional looking finish

o Filming interviews

o Getting the perfect shot – including shot sizes, positioning the camera, framing, lighting, sound, sequences and backgrounds

o An introduction to editing

Crucially, we aim to help you produce a useable short video for social media at the end of every course. Courses last one day and are typically put on for groups of 2-3 or 5-6 people.

Why choose Beeston Media?

Over the past few years, we’ve built an expertise in smartphone filming, creating myriad videos for clients looking for vlogs and other affordable footage with that authentic, slice-of-life vibe. Assisting our clients to make their own smartphone videos has been an obvious next step, and one that gives us ongoing pleasure.

Of course, you don't need to book us for a full smartphone training course. We can help you as little or as much as you need. A member of our team can assist you while you’re out capturing footage, or if you prefer, we can leave the filming to you and step in post-shoot. We can take your raw smartphone video footage, extract the best moments, professionally edit the material and finally present you a crisp video with a strong narrative and a clear message. Many see this mix-and-match service as the best of both worlds.

Get in touch if you think your project too deserves the boost it will gain from a smartphone film.

  • "Beeston Media worked alongside us to produce some short student vlogger films. They were quick to get to the heart of our brief and work alongside our students to help them get the best out of their films. They were a great team to work with, and we were really pleased with the results."

    Julie Jupe
    Julie Jupe, Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Bristol
  • "Beeston Media's smartphone training course was really fun and so informative! It has definitely inspired us to want to get out and do some of our own now and I definitely feel confident around the filming elements."

    Emma Henry
    Emma Henry, UK Events Manager, University of Bristol
  • "Beeston Media’s training course gave us an invaluable overview of filming on our mobile phones and subsequently editing them on Premiere Pro. It was an excellent introduction, giving us the confidence to learn and experiment in our own time afterwards and we’re now able to produce short and effective films for the University’s social media channels."

    Philippa Walker
    Philippa Walker, Media Team, University of Bristol
  • "Beeston Media smartphone video training has given our small team the skills necessary to film, edit and produce short impactful films for our social media channels. The training from Hamish, Penny and Dion was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

    Amanda Woodman Hardy
    Amanda Woodman-Hardy, Cabot Institute for the Environment