Undergraduate recruitment

Law 08

We are often asked to produce multiple films to promote a range of courses in an educational institution, in this case, the Faculty of Law at the University of Bristol.

The project is based on over 40 key interviews with students, staff and alumni, chosen to provide content for all the required themes. B-roll imagery comes from newly shot material and from our extensive 10 year plus archive of working for the University of Bristol.

The final output is over 20 films, in a variety of widescreen / square formats for use on various channels. See more films below.

We're also producing subtitles, both optional and burned in, for maximum viewer accessibility.

Why choose Beeston Media?

We boast a true video-making expertise in the education sector.

Our first foray into this field involved us making video prospectuses for schools. Then in 2011, the University of Bristol asked us to produce 52 short films to kick-start its YouTube channel. Our bond with the University has grown ever since.

Other education clients include the Universities of Birmingham, Bath and Manchester, Aston University, UCAS, South West Doctoral Training Partnership (Exeter, Cardiff, Southampton, Plymouth, UWE universities) and educational consultant Bonas MacFarlane.

We’ve produced a wide breadth of work for higher education, working across faculties and departments. Our education films have ranged from simple lectures shot with a single camera to highly technical Multiple Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We’ve also helped advise central PR and marketing offices on wider matters of education video strategy.

Thanks largely to our background in specialist factual film production, we remain unfazed by technical speech - indeed we’re proud of our ability to distill esoteric academic facts and serpentine arguments into clear, simple films that resonate with their target audience and spark action.

We believe it’s this strong editorial ability that makes us stand out in a competitive video-production market.

Kirstine Dunhill

It's always great to work with Beeston. We've worked on a diverse array of projects with them over the years. They've genuinely become an extension of our team, getting under the skin of the brief and providing just the right level of guidance needed to turn our ideas into reality.

Kirstine Dunhill

Communications Manager, University of Bristol Law School