Scientific explainer

Smart Internet Lab 6G

How do you explain your facility or service when what you do is complex, technical, niche, multi-faceted? Can people instantly get what you do?

Condensing complex subjects into easily understandable films can be difficult but it's an area of video production that we relish. Our talented team of producers uses their years of editorial experience to quickly identify key messages and devise engaging ways to tell the story on video.

The example here is a 4 mins research centre overview film for University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab which is leading technical development of the next stage in wireless telecommunication - 6G.

Further project output

As well as the 6G overview film, we produced a 60 secs cut down for social media and a series of more detailed films for specific aspects of the 6G research. One of these, below, is for the SWAN project which specifically study cybersecurity through Secure Wireless Agile Networks.