Social policy research output


One of our key offers is producing academic research study output films. These are the video equivalent of the 'executive summary' which accompanies the detailed and extensive written documents at the end of a research project.

These films are fascinating to make but often tricky too as we typically work with multiple academics who have put heart and soul into an esoteric subject for months or years. Our task is to synthesise this expertise into a short and engaging video which will capture the attention of policy makers. Such productions require keen editorial ability, which our core producers have honed over years of both broadcast tv documentaries and countless education films like these.

The example above is one of a series of films to showcase the findings of the two year Older Men at the Margins (OMAM) project by the School for Policy Studies at University of Bristol and Age UK.

The study looked at loneliness in under-reported groups of older men, using anonymous interviews to gather research data. With such a sensitive topic, our pre-production consisted of long telephone chats to find out the men's stories and see if they were happy to appear on camera. Key interviews were then set against the background of the workshops in which the research team outlined their findings to groups of participants and relevant service providers.

As with many of our projects, for the OMAM film we delivered still images taken from 4K video grabs (see below) and a series of short, snippet films for social media. We also produced a 15 mins audio discussion podcast.

Research study results
Research study results
Research study results
Research study results
Research study results
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Uo B OMAM HI 12 02 19 12
Uo B OMAM HI 12 02 19 28
Uo B OMAM HI 31 01 19 23

More research study films

Below are two other research study films, also for the University of Bristol's School for Policy Studies. The first promotes a study into Meals on Wheals services, the second highlights the findings of TRUUD - an investigation into how to improve public health in urban developments.

Paul Willis

Hamish, Penny and the crew at Beeston Media produced an amazing series of digital films that brought our research findings to life and helped disseminate key messages to a wide audience beyond academia. Their rapport with members of the public put contributors at ease and helped bring out insightful messages from all contributors. Easy to work with, quick to respond and always prepared to bring a new and creative perspective on our work together – it was an open, honest and, most importantly, enjoyable collaboration, beginning to end.

Dr Paul Willis

Associate Professor in Social Work and Social Gerontology, University of Bristol