Engineering research output


One of our key offers is producing academic research study results films. These are the video equivalent of the 'executive summary' which accompanies the detailed and extensive written documents at the end of a research project.

These films are fascinating to make but often tricky too as we typically work with multiple academics who have put heart and soul into an esoteric subject for months or years. Our task is to synthesise this expertise into a short and engaging video which will capture the attention of policy makers. Such productions require keen editorial ability, which our core producers have honed over years of both broadcast tv documentaries and countless education films like these.

The example above is the main film in a trio of videos to promote the findings of the TAS - the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Functionality, based at the Bristol Robotics Lab.

The brief was to summarise the research project and its findings and to showcase the diverse team of academics that took part.

Further project output

As well as the long film, we produced a shorter version without the interviews and a full animation explainer about the wider TAS project. Films below.