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Holland St 03

Property video for developer Spink, made in conjunction with design agency DD London.

This film differs from our classic property work in that the brief emphasized details and mood over the typical sequential wide shot led tour of the home.

The music and sound effects are designed to heighten the mood of peace, calm and a feeling of nature, even though you're in the heart of Kensington, London.

Why choose Beeston Media?

Property filming is where our business began and it’s an area of video production we continue to excel in.

Before founding Beeston Media in 2005, videographer / director / producer Hamish Beeston shot the Superhomes series for Discovery Channel. On multiple occasions, he has been named Videographer and Photographer of the Month by the international website Photography for Real Estate. He also won Videographer of the Year in 2014 and for many years sat on the website’s judging panel.

Over the past 15 plus years, our team has continued to refine our offering, constantly pushing at the boundaries of real-estate videography.

As well as our core service of property video production, we often take still images of a project, usually at the same time as the main film shoot. Shooting video and stills on the same day gives a project's creative output a uniform look and is good for the budget / schedule too.

Freddie Abrahams

Model Freddie Abrahams provides the lifestyle elements in this Spink video.

We've worked with models on numerous property projects over the last few years. Unfortunately NDAs mean we can't disclose much about these extraordinary ultra-prime homes.

However, we are allowed to show some video grabs from the lifestyle scenes of a 'Weekend in the country with guests' film, see below.

DD CM grab 1
DD CM grab 2
DD CM grab 3
DD CM grab 4
DD CM grab 5
DD CM grab 6
DD CM grab 7
DD CM grab 8
Jack Byron

Beeston Media have made a number of property films for Spink Property over the past decade. We've always been pleased with the results and have hugely enjoyed working with Hamish and the team. We would highly recommend them.

Jack Byron

Sales & Marketing, Spink Property