Helicopter promo

BM SAS 02 LO 24

Company profile film for Specialist Aviation Services, a supplier / operator of police, air ambulance and other utility helicopters.

We've been working for SAS since 2009 producing a variety of main overview films such as above and shorter pieces which highlight specific areas of the business in more detail. One below is to promote their latest night flying capability.

We also typically shoot stills for SAS on each filming day, examples below.

BM SAS 02 LO 3
BM SAS 02 LO 5
BM SAS 02 LO 18
BM SAS 02 LO 15
BM SAS 01 LO 5
BM SAS 01 LO 14
BM SAS 01 LO 27

Why chose Beeston Media?

Filming with helicopters is a specialist area in which we have a great deal of experience, from land-to-air long lens following of aircraft in flight to installing mini-cams in the helicopter's interior.

Central to all our helicopter videos is air-to-air filming for which we typically partner with specialists Flying TV. Having a whole other full size helicopter (drones wouldn't cut it) with highly skilled pilot and cinematographer is an expensive addition to a regular day's filming but the results can be extraordinary. Dramatic air-to-air footage is really the only way to showcase these helicopters at their best.

It's a lot of fun too - particularly when you've got multiple helicopters in the air to be coordinated for the best manoeuvres and light conditions.

See another of our SAS films below about night vision capability.

Nigel Lemon

The pace of change in the helicopter industry calls for constant updating of our marketing collateral. Beeston Media has worked with us closely for over ten years and in doing so has developed a detailed understanding of our business. They provide not only first class videos and stills but the flexibility to readily update them, so we can keep our brand fresh and relevant.

Nigel Lemon

Sales & Marketing Director, Specialist Aviation Services