Clean air product demo

Mon Micro Bio Cabinet 18

Films and stills for clean-air pioneer Monmouth Scientific.

We've worked for Monmouth since 2014 and produced a large number of films and stills including company profiles and multiple product demos. See above and below.

We also typically take a full range of stills on each video shoot.

Mon Carbon Filter Cabinet 02
Mon Carbon Filter Cabinet 27
Mon Carbon Filter Cabinet 31
Mon Micro Bio Cabinet 26
Mon Micro Bio Cabinet 25
Mon Carbon Filter Cabinet 52
Mon Carbon Filter Cabinet 47
Mon Clean Room 07
Mon Clean Room 10
Mon Clean Room 25
Mon Clean Room 27
Mon Clean Room 45
Mon Clean Room 51
Michael Skidmore

It was a real pleasure working with Beeston Media on a set of videos and still images to showcase our products. Hamish, Penny and the team are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. We trusted their expertise through the entire process, including some brilliant bespoke animations. The completed videos and images are exactly what we were hoping to achieve, perfect for use across our marketing channels, at industry exhibitions and by our staff. We look forward to welcoming Beeston Media back to Monmouth Scientific and working on more creative projects in the future.

Michael Skidmore

Digital Marketing Executive, Monmouth Scientific