Stills gallery

As well as our core service of video production, we also often take still images for clients, usually at the same time as the main film shoot. Shooting both video and stills on the same day gives a project's creative output a uniform look and is good for the budget / schedule too. 

We have the same sector expertise in stills photography as we do in video production. We specialise in the areas of property, education, technology, healthcare, smartphone and corporate arenas. 

Notably, in property stills, Hamish Beeston has won the Photographer of the Month competition for the international website Photography for Real Estate. He currently sits on the website’s judging panel.

We often shoot on our regular stills camera, though we also routinely use frame grabs from our 4K video footage. At c12 megapixels, a 4K frame is of a sufficiently high resolution for regular magazine print and online use. Video frame grabs work particularly well for close-up images.

We also offer a stills-only service.