Smartphone film making

Course 06

At the heart of our smartphone offer is our new Smartphone Video Training Course for those who want to improve their filming techniques and be able to create content independently.

We cover choosing a story and planning the shoot, filming equipment, on shoot dos / don'ts, techniques to give your videos a professional looking finish, interviews, getting the perfect shot and an introduction to editing.

Crucially, we aim to help you produce a useable short video for social media at the end of every course.

Courses last one day and are typically put on for groups of 2-3 or 5-6 people.

We also offer further mentoring from our videographers. This is a particularly popular option as the course itself is pretty intense, with lots to take on board, so it's great to have an experienced person on hand when you start filmmaking for the first time alone.

Films above and below are actual output from a couple of our courses.

Philippa Walker

Beeston Media's training course gave us an invaluable overview of filming on our mobile phones and subsequently editing on Premiere Pro. It was an excellent introduction, giving us the confidence to learn and experiment in our own time afterwards. We're now able to produce short and effective films for the University's social media channels.

Philippa Walker

Media Team, University of Bristol

Amanda WH 02

Beeston Media smartphone training has given our small team the necessary skills to film, edit and produce short impactful films for our social media channels. The training from Hamish, Penny and Dion was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Amanda Woodman-Hardy

Communications and Engagement Officer, Cabot Institute for the Environment