ARM system drone

Promo video for a radioactive hotspot seeking hexacopter

‚ÄčA quick turnaround promotional video of a very impressive piece of technology, inspired by events following the Fukushima disaster.

Working with the team at ARM systems, we had just one week between shoot and delivery in time for an important national summit.

We took the best bits of a grant application and turned them into a tight script, enabling a very efficient half-day on location. We combined interviews of the key players with cool shots of the hexacopter against a giant disused industrial plant. The aerials were shot by strapping a GoPro to the drone itself.

The result is a great introduction that brings a very innovative bit of kit to life, better than any written document could. 

We were delighted that Dr Tom Scott, Director of the University of Bristol's Interface Analysis Centre, sent Beeston Media this unsolicited testimonial, straight after the summit:

"Beeston media worked on an extremely short deadline to turn around a promotional film for an important national summit. The result was fantastic, delivering exactly the impact and interest that we wanted. The quality of their work was very impressive and we intend to make great use of them again in the future".

Good luck to Tom, his team and his partners at Sellafield, because this is a piece of kit that really can save lives.