​A long-standing client of ours, Skyquest, has recently been bought by USA technology company Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions and the call came in to us for a fast turnaround film to showcase Skyquest’s Video Management System products to the USA market. It’s a great example of how a client’s existing video archive can be re-used in a fresh way for a fresh market.

We’ve already made three c08’00” corporate videos for Skyquest, filming first with London’s Metropolitan Police to showcase their Standard Definition kit and then with Greater Manchester Police for the High Definition version. The brief now was to combine the two systems for one overview Skyquest film for the USA police air support market.

There was no need for further filming (thus keeping budgets down) although we did buy in a little commercial archive video of military aircraft to illustrate the full range of CWC Skyquest’s client base. Combine this with some stylish graphics and an American voiceover (recorded down the line from Hollywood!) and you have a new, slick corporate video, turned around in just 3 weeks from script sign-off to delivery.

And in case you’re wondering, the “Wright” in CWC is indeed the Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville, aero pioneers from a bygone age.