Corporate video shot on iPhone - video snobs look away now!

A professional looking corporate video means big cameras and lots of money, right? Not always. New client Bonovate approached us with a new invention that needed a demo video, but they didn't have the budget to get a crew out to film them. Instead they shot their own footage on iPhone, and got us to package it up for them.  Now the DIY approach isn't something we'd usually recommend, but we're no video snobs, and in this case it was a great idea.  

So just how did the client make it work for them? Firstly they were pretty clued-up and wrote a clear script outline. Secondly, they were happy for us to give remote direction and re-shoot things that simply weren't working. Thirdly, they let us add music that they didn't initially want, but sound recording from phone footage is usually poor, and it really helps to cover the joins.

So with just half-a-day's video editing they got the perfect video for 'Hound Surround' to use as a sales tool. Not too glossy, but wonderfully fit for purpose for an audience of vets looking for practical collars, not frills!

If you're thinking of making your own web film or news piece based on your own phone footage, why not give us a call to discuss what might work for you?